Reading List

Date Paper
1/7 Intro Lecture
1/9 Foundation Lecture
1/11 Balfour et al., “An Energy-Efficient Processor Architecture for Embedded Systems,” CAL 2008

Hameed et al., “Understanding Sources of Inefficiency in General-Purpose Chips,” ISCA 2010
1/14 Shaw et al., “Anton 2: Raising the Bar for Performance and Programmability in a Special-Purpose Molecular Dynamics Supercomputer,” SC 2014
1/16 Ozdal et al., “Energy Efficient Architecture for Graph Analytics Accelerators,” ISCA 2016
1/18 Eyerman et al., “Many-Core Graph Workload Analysis,” SC 2018
1/21 Holiday
1/23 Ahn et al., “A Scalable Processing-in-Memory Accelerator for Parallel Graph Processing,” ISCA 2015
1/25 Dysart et al., “Highly Scalable Near Memory Processing with Migrating Threads on the Emu System Architecture,” IA^3 2016

Rolinger et al., “Impact of Traditional Sparse Optimizations on a Migratory Thread Architecture,” IA^3 2018
1/28 Slack Day (class not cancelled)
1/30 Guest Lecture
2/1 Chen et al., “DaDianNao: A Machine-Learning Supercomputer,” MICRO 2014
2/4 Han et al., “EIE: Efficient Inference Engine on Compressed Deep Neural Network,” ISCA 2016
2/6 Chen et al., “Eyeriss: A Spatial Architecture for Energy-Efficient Dataflow for Convolutional Neural Networks,” ISCA 2016
2/8 Jouppi et al., “In-Datacenter Performance Analysis of a Tensor Processing Unit,” ISCA 2017
2/11 Goulding-Hotta et al., “The GreenDroid Mobile Application Processor: An Architecture for Silicon's Dark Future,” IEEE Micro 2011
2/13 Huang et al., “Hardware Acceleration of the Pair-HMM Algorithm for DNA Variant Calling,” FPGA 2017
2/15 Turakhia et al., “Darwin: A Genomics Co-processor Provides up to 15,000X Acceleration on Long Read Assembly,” ASPLOS 2018
2/18 Holiday
2/20 Putnam et al., “A Reconfigurable Fabric for Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services,” ISCA 2014
2/22 Fowers et al., “A Configurable Cloud-Scale DNN Processor for Real-Time AI,” ISCA 2018
2/25 Prabhakar et al., “Plasticine: A Reconfigurable Architecture For Parallel Paterns,” ISCA 2017
2/27 Nowatzki et al., “Stream-Dataflow Acceleration,” ISCA 2017
3/1 Slack Day (class not cancelled)
3/4 Khailany et al., “Imagine: media processing with streams,” IEEE Micro 2001
3/6 Ahn et al., “Multicore DIMM: an Energy Efficient Memory Module with Independently Controlled DRAMs,” CAL 2009

McSherry et al., “Scalability! But at what COST?,” HotOS 2015
3/8 Wu et al., “Q100: The Architecture and Design of a Database Processing Unit,” ASPLOS 2014
3/11 Project Presentations
3/13 Project Presentations
3/15 Project Presentations
3/19 Save exam timeslot (but no exam)

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Additional Reading
Gordon Moore, "Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits," Electronics 1965
Esmaeilzadeh et al., "Dark Silicon and the End of Multicore Scaling," ISCA 2011
Ho et al., "The Future of Wires," IEEE 2001
Asanovic et al., "The Landscape of Parallel Computing Research: A View from Berkeley", TR 2006
Shao et al., "Research Infrastructures for Hardware Accelerators," M&C 2015
Dally et al., "Efficient Embedded Computing," IEEE Computer 2008
Shaw et al., "Anton, A Special-Purpose Machine for Molecular Dynamics Simulation," ISCA 2007
Ham et al., "Graphicionado: A High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Accelerator for Graph Analytics," MICRO 2016
Beamer et al., "Locality Exists in Graph Processing: Workload Characterization on an Ivy Bridge Server," IISWC 2015